Schedule A Cooling Tune Up to Get Peak Performance This Summer

What is the number one way to avoid costly AC problems for your Cranbury, NJ area home? It’s as simple as scheduling regular AC maintenance that keeps your system in great working order. Call the experts at RA Nichols for a thorough air conditioning tune up to make sure you’re ready for the hot summer weather. Our team is excited to become part of your family’s comfort!

Our experienced technicians will carefully go over your system with strict attention to detail. We recommend an AC Maintenance Service each spring to ensure your system is prepared to keep you cool in the hotter summer months. RA Nichols’ regular tune-up and inspection includes:

  • Refrigerant Levels – Refrigerant levels that are too low can indicate there is a leak, which can cause a future breakdown. The pressures on the refrigerants also need to be checked with special tools.
  • Inspect – Many parts need to be inspected and tested, including coils, capacitors, drain lines, fan relays and test motors.
  • Tightening Adjustments – RA Nichols adjusts your system so it can handle the heavy workload

Annual ac maintenance prevents increased utility costs due to low efficiency, warmer temperatures inside your home and complete system failure.

AC Maintenance | Cranbury, NJ | RA Nichols Plumbing & Heating LLC

Can I Do Maintenance Myself?

In general, you should leave system maintenance to the professionals. Our technicians are highly trained to ensure we clean, inspect and adjust all of the right places in your AC system.

But there is one thing that is vital for you to do every 30-90 days: change your air and furnace filter. Change them closer to 30 days if you have pets or allergies.

A good rule of thumb: if you’re not sure the filter is time to be changed, hold the filter up to the light. Can you see through it? If not, it’s time to get a new one.

Cleaning shrubs and debris from around your outside units will also help improve efficiency.

For Thorough, Professional AC Maintenance

Choose an experienced team to help increase your AC’s efficiency, save money and avoid breakdowns. Schedule your ac tune up with RA Nichols at (609) 655-1073.