No Ducts? No Space? Go With A Ductless HVAC System

Do you have an area of your Cranbury, NJ area house that you need to heat or cool, but your ductwork doesn’t reach that far? Consider a ductless mini split to help. These compact, powerful system can control the temperature in garages, spare rooms without heat or ac, basements and more!

Experience The Benefits of Ductless

A ductless mini-split HVAC system is ideal for a variety of reasons:

  • Small Size – This enables it to heat and cool separate rooms or zones.
  • Easy to Install – It is not only easy to install but convenient when installed. The compressor can be located in a different area than the area being heated or cooled up to 50 feet away with the help of connecting conduits!
  • Save Energy – Avoiding using ducts saves energy, and consequently, money.

(Did you know that duct energy losses can account for as much as 30% of energy consumption by your AC system?)

  • Be Safer Than a Window Unit – A mini split system does not rest on a windowsill, which is much safer than having your window propped open.
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