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Your furnace warms your home on those cold Cranbury, NJ area winter nights. But what if it doesn’t? In those cases, it’s time to call the fast, friendly technicians at RA Nichols.

There are many indications that you may need a furnace repair from our experts:.

  • It’s Been Over a Year Since Last Service – At the very least, you probably need your filter replaced.
  • Air is Warm But Blowing Weakly – This could be a minor of major problem with many possible causes.
  • Air is Downright Cold – This is probably the most obvious signs something is amiss, but we can get your furnace completely back to normal.
  • Water Pools Around Furnace – This requires a mix of HVAC and plumbing expertise to correct, and fortunately, we have both.
  • There Is A Thumping, Scraping, Popping Noise – Different kinds of noises indicate a variety of problems. It is always best to get an odd noise checked out rather than put it off because it isn’t causing immediate problems.
  • A Gas Smell Hangs in the Air  – Shut off your furnace immediately, don’t light any stoves, matches or lighters and call a technician immediately. A gas leak is a serious hazard.
Furnace Repair | Cranbury, NJ | RA Nichols Plumbing & Heating LLC

Some common causes for a furnace malfunction include::

  • Dirty Filter
  • Electrical Problems
  • Dirty Coils
  • Old System
  • Motors, Belts & Bearings Problems

Avoid trying to diagnose and fix the furnace yourself. Technicians at RA Nichols are familiar with all the parts of a furnace and know how to make expert, safe repairs that get your system running good as new.

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