HALO Water Systems

No one should assume the water coming into their home is safe and pure. Common issues with water include too much chlorine or high mineral content. The presence of bacteria or radon can also be more common than homeowners might thing. The use of a HALO Water System ensures your water is clean, clear, and safe. The professionals at R.A. Nichols Plumbing & Heating can install HALO filtration and conditioning equipment in your home.

Common Water Problems

One of the most common water problems people have in their homes is hard water, which produces a scale that can increase corrosion in water heaters, dishwashers, and pipes, meaning they will need to be replaced more frequently. Hard water also makes doing laundry and dishes more difficult.

Other water problems include things that will have a negative impact on the taste and smell of your water, such as too much chlorine or turbidity. Then of course there is the danger of illness-causing bacteria being present in the water.

Water problems can, however, be completely eliminated with the proper treatment. We will test your water and based on the results, we will recommend a filtration and conditioning equipment from HALO Water Systems.

HALO Water Systems Solutions

  • The HALO ION Inline Water condition works wonders on hard water. Not only does it help prevent corrosion that can build up on your pipes and harm your appliances, but it will enable you to clean dishes and clothes more thoroughly.
  • The HALO Heater Guardian is essential for your tankless hot water heater in that it is designed to help stop hard-water scale from accumulating. It also improves efficiency by collecting dirt and other sediment from gathering.
  • The HALO Pure water filtration system will resolve issues with your water, ranging from unpleasant odor and taste to more serious issues that can cause health problems. Pollutants such as pesticides, heavy metals, disinfectants, and dyes are also captured. A limited lifetime warranty and zero maintenance ensure that you enjoy good-tasting, clear water in your home for years to come.
  • The HALO 5 Whole-House Water Filtration and Conditioning system solves all of your hard water issues; in addition, it collects pollutants (pesticides, disinfectants, heavy metals, and dyes) and reduces the presence of chloramine and chlorine in the water suppy. This maintenance-free system comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Dont spend one more day worrying about how your water is impacting your homes plumbing and your familys health. Contact R.A. Nichols today for to see your available options for water conditioning and filtration!