High-Velocity Heating & Air System Installations in Cranbury & Throughout Central New Jersey

A high-velocity heating and air system will cool and heat your rooms much faster than normal air conditioners and heaters. Proper installation is the key. You can count on our team at R.A. Nichols Plumbing & Heating for reliable high-velocity system installations in Cranbury, NJ. Take a look at our client reviews to see why we’ve been your top-rated technicians for two years running!

Family in a High Velocity System Home

Benefits of High-Velocity Heating & Air Systems

The energy-saving benefits of high-velocity heating and air systems surpass those of traditional HVAC systems. A high-velocity system will help lower your electricity bills because you don’t have to turn on these systems as much—many clients have stated that they can go up to three hours without the system kicking in, yet they are able to maintain a comfortable temperature in their home.

Installing High-Velocity Heating & Air Systems

High-velocity systems are intricate and technical, and they require expert attention during the installation process. Our technicians will help you choose the ideal high-velocity unit for your home and properly install the system for you. We will also make sure there are no other noticeable issues within your current wiring system.

Who Will Benefit the Most from High-Velocity Systems?

Most homeowners, in any size home, can benefit from high-velocity heating and air systems. Smaller homes, in particular, will benefit greatly; high-velocity systems are compact and do not require a so-called “dedicated area.” These systems were initially invented for those homes with limited space for traditional central heating and cooling systems. If you live in an apartment, mobile home, or a smaller house, high-velocity systems will fit comfortably in your home and allow you to enjoy its energy-saving benefits as well.

High-velocity heating and air systems are also ideal for older homes that do not have the built-in space for a traditional HVAC system.

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Overall, a high-velocity system benefits anyone who is looking to save energy with a more efficient, compact heating and air system. You can warm up or cool down your rooms within minutes. Your electricity bill will be more manageable. High-velocity systems can be easily installed in any crawl space, and they are capable of running at the same capacity as the larger heating and cooling systems.
For best results, enlist the help of professionals to install your system for you. Our technicians at R.A. Nichols Plumbing & Heating specialize in high-velocity heating and air systems, and we will help you find the unit that will fit your budget. We will provide professional installations to make sure your unit runs at peak efficiency, and we also offer practical advice regarding the proper use of your new high-heating and air system.

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