Water Leak Detection Services in Cranbury & Central NJ

If you’re experiencing problems with a water leak, or you suspect your home may have a water leak, look to the professionals at R.A. Nichols Plumbing & Heating. Our expert technicians provide accurate water leak detection services in the Cranbury area. Take a look at our client reviews to see what your neighbors are saying about our work!

Technician Water Leak Repair

Factors Associated with Water Leaks

There are some obvious signs that your home may have a water leak: a toilet that continues to fill on its own; a dripping faucet; or even a flooded basement. However, the most damaging water leaks often go unnoticed. The only indication that you have a leak will be through your increasingly high water bill, even though your water usage has remained the same. Water leaks that are harder to detect can be underground, in your drainage or sewer systems.

Following are units within your plumbing system that can contribute to water leaks:

Hot water tank
If you suspect your water leak is coming from your hot water tank, check the pressure relief valve. These valves could be connected directly to drain and causing leaks without your knowledge. Remove the drain pipe and check for leaks. If you are unable to remove the pipe, listen for a hissing sound. Contact your technician to make sure the leak is addressed as soon as possible.

Toilet unit
The most common cause of slow toilet leaks is a leaky flapper that needs to be replaced. If nothing is noticeable, add a couple of drops of food coloring to the water in the tank. After a few minutes, check to see if the water in the bowl is colored. If it is, then the problem is a leak in the flapper. If the flapper is in good shape, a good cleaning will remove mineral build-ups that have been impairing the flapper’s ability to hold water in the tank.

Exposed pipes
Call a technician for help inspecting exposed pipes for any signs of dripping or corrosion. We will note any stains on the wall or cabinets, rusty water, or fractured or warped flooring. Shut-off valves and fittings, both copper and brass, are the first places that pipes will show deterioration and rust. This is more likely to happen if the joining of the pipes is done with two different types of metals. Leaks should be repaired immediately and corroded or rusted pipes should be completely replaced. If you have damaged flooring and walls, we will fix the leak and then replace the damage with new material to avoid any dangerous mold growth.
Many smaller leaks can be found and repaired easily. Other plumbing leaks can only be located by a professional who knows what to look for. These hidden leaks often result in greater damage than more obvious leaks. Best practices with pipes is to stop the leak ASAP to lessen structural damages and to prevent rotting and mold growth. Delaying a call to a plumbing professional can result in a water leak that is much more damaging, extensive, and costly.

Call Your Water Leak Detection Experts!

Our water leak detection services include checking for leaks in every appliance, including garbage disposals, water heaters, toilets, and all indoor and outdoor faucets. The sewer line is thoroughly scoped for leaks or root damage. We will also use advanced equipment to listen for the sound of water leaks in your pipes.

Our professional equipment allows us to address plumbing and sewer leaks with minimal digging and damage to your property. Once a leak has been pinpointed, we will discuss the best repair or replacement solution for your pipes.

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