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Your Cranbury, NJ area outdoor plumbing is just as important as your indoor plumbing. Watering your grass without a working spigot is impossible. Your pool or hot tub won’t be heavenly without working pumps or filters.

Below are aspects of your outdoor plumbing that RA Nichols can help you with.


A proper swimming pool isn’t just a tub of water. Pools have pumps, filters and pipes that require expert knowledge to install or repair. Without proper plumbing, good, safe water quality cannot be maintained.

Good circulation in pool is a main factor in keeping an otherwise stagnant body of water pleasant for swimming.

Hot Tubs

Hot tub plumbing is a bit different from pool plumbing, especially because hot tubs need to maintain a safe, consistent heat. This is a job best left to qualified professionals.

  • Repair – If there is anything off about your hot tub water, we can help you. Since hot water emits steam, you can become ill from breathing in water’s bacteria in an unmanaged system.
  • Installation – Hot tubs are a fun addition! We can help you with every plumbing consideration.

Outdoor Faucet

When it comes to outdoor faucets, freezing temperatures are the main culprit for repairs, causing leaking or cracking.

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