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Plumbing FAQ: Answers From Cranbury’s Top Plumbers

Get your questions about drain cleaning, water heaters, and other plumbing issues answered by Cranbury’s premier technicians. Call us at (609) 655-1073 for more information. Click here for instant savings on your next plumbing service!

We’ve compiled a list of our clients’ most frequently asked plumbing questions. Don’t see your question answered below? Call us and connect with one of our friendly technicians. We work with the entire Cranbury, NJ area. Take a look at our client reviews to see why we’re Central New Jersey’s preferred plumbers.

Common Plumbing Questions

My drain is clogged again. Should I use a drain cleaner?

Our drains (in sinks, showers, and garbage disposals) can become clogged with regular use. It can be tempting to buy a drain cleaner at the store to clear the clog. However, this quick fix could cost you more in the long run. No drain cleaner can completely clear up your drain. There will be residue left behind, and the chemicals can even accelerate your pipes’ deterioration. We recommend safer, more eco-friendly cleaning solutions, such as hydrojetting and air burst drain cleaning.

Why is my water bill so high?

Do you notice your water bill suddenly getting higher each month? Most people will think it’s due to leaky pipes or faucets. However, the culprit may actually be your toilet. As toilets age and wear out, they can become misaligned. This can cause leaks in your toilet tank. Our technicians can quickly fix this problem with professional toilet installations, repairs, and replacements.

Why is my water heater not working?

Failing water heaters cut your showers short and make it difficult to run your dishwasher and laundry machine at the same time. Over time, your water heater accumulates lime deposits and sediment. If your unit has not been properly maintained and flushed, its performance will decline. We recommend looking into high efficiency water heaters—these units not only save you on energy costs, but they are also less prone to problems and are known to last longer than traditional water heaters.

Should I inspect my septic tank?

Septic tanks should be inspected every four years. If you have moved into an older home, you should know the last inspection date. Don’t think that just because the tank is working it means there is nothing wrong with it. A full septic tank, for instance, will not be readily apparent. When your septic tank gets filled, it becomes blocked and will need repair. Get your septic tank problems resolved with professional repair services.

Why is a pressure balancing valve important?

If you flush a toilet in your home and your shower suddenly runs cold and then hot, you need a pressure balancing valve. This valve works to adjust water pressure changes, keeping cold water cold and hot water hot. Most new homes already have this installed. If you have an older home, this simple fix will make your showers more pleasurable.

Why does my toilet keep emptying itself?

If your toilet bowl keeps emptying itself without even though you’re not flushing it, the problem lies in the air vents. These vents allow air to flow down the sewage system. Without proper ventilation, your sewer line will continue to pull water down the system.

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