Plumbing Problems? What You Should Know

/Plumbing Problems? What You Should Know
Plumbing Problems? What You Should Know 2017-05-31T17:15:36+00:00

While there is never a “good” time for plumbing problems, they seem to have a knack for showing up when they’re most inconvenient…like around the holidays. Plumbing problems are more common during this time of year for a simple reason: Winter and the holiday season but a lot of extra stress on your home’s pipes. Sometimes changing temperatures and extra activity in the home prove to be more than your plumbing can handle. Falling temperatures and increased usage of your plumbing due to holiday guests can lead to unexpected issues. Keep these simple tips in mind to prevent problems and avoid winter water woes.

Address Plumbing Issues Now

Rather than ignoring small problems, take care of them now before they can become big problems. Take care of those dripping faucets, and deal with slow drains before they become totally clogged. Be alert, and watch out for dripping pipes or puddles of water on the floor. Addressing minor issues now will save you a lot of time and money by preventing it from turning into a major problem when seasonal stress begins to take its toll on your home’s plumbing.

Don’t Let Your Pipes Freeze

Frozen pipes are one of winter’s biggest water woes, especially for those of us living in cold climates. In addition to the inconvenience of waking up to no water for your shower, frozen pipes can cause major property damage. The frozen water causes the pipes to expand and, sometimes, explode. Burst pipes can quickly cause flooding inside your home.

To prevent frozen pipes, wrap them in insulation. Foam insulation tubes can be found at any hardware store. They have a slit along one side, allowing you to easily wrap your pipes. Once the insulation is in place, seal the seam using the adhesive on the foam tube, or if it is not self-adhesive, duct tape works just as well.

Check the temperature in your basement. If it dips below freezing consistently during the winter months, consider turning on some heat or installing heat tape to keep your pipes warm.

Turn Off The Water When You’re Away

If you’re heading over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house for the holidays, turn off the water before you go. Turning off the main provides you with the peace of mind that you won’t return to a huge leak. After turning off the water, drain your pipes, and remember to leave the heat turned on while you’re gone. Setting the thermostat at 60 degrees is sufficient to ensure that any remaining water in the lines will not freeze if temperatures drop below freezing while you’re away.

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