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Using ScaleBlaster: Tips from Your Cranbury Plumbers

Looking for an easy, eco-friendly way to combat hard water? Call us at (609) 655-1073 for tips on using ScaleBlaster. We serve the entire Cranbury and Central New Jersey area. Click here for instant savings on your next service!

ScaleBlaster is an electronic water conditioner for handling hard water. We recommend ScaleBlaster to our Cranbury clients as an effective combatant to the harmful minerals that traditional water softeners fail to eliminate.Click edit button to change this text.

Scale in Hard Water

Hard water contains very high amounts of dissolved minerals, mostly magnesium and calcium. Unless you have your own well, you are likely using water from the municipal supply. This water is treated in a plant that removes impurities and mineral content, but magnesium and calcium (calcium carbonate) are not generally removed as they are dissolved in the water. While these minerals are not harmful to your health, they reduce the effectiveness of water for cleaning and washing. Hard water also encourages the build-up of limescale in the pipes.

Limescale is a precipitate or coating that is constantly in touch with hard water. When water gets heated, or there is some evaporation in the pipes, limescale minerals can produce a fine layer of rock-like deposits on your inner pipes as well as your fixtures, water heaters, and glassware.

The ScaleBlaster Difference—It’s Not a Water Softener!

ScaleBlaster is a green alternative to traditional water softeners. Most of the water softeners on the market exchange magnesium and calcium ions with just as many sodium ions. ScaleBlaster does not soften the water, nor does it remove anything from it. ScaleBlaster is a computerized state-of-art system that can be installed on the incoming waterline of a building or house. It produces an electronic oscillating field that uses a unique modulating frequency wave which changes the physical size, shape, and charge of the calcium molecules, causing them to lose their adhesive properties.

With ScaleBlaster, limescale will no longer form on the equipment or in the pipes that come in contact with hard water. This lowers the saturation level of the hard water, so formation of new limescale is prevented and all existing limescale is removed. Water will feel “wetter” and softer and less detergent will be needed.

Maintaining traditional water softeners can be a nightmare, as they discharge chlorides into the water stream, require bags of salt, and can waste tons of water. ScaleBlaster can resolve hard water problems without producing any of the negative effects produced by a regular water softener.

Benefits of ScaleBlaster

As ScaleBlaster works behind the scenes, you will start to notice a difference in your everyday water routine. You will feel the smoothness to your skin and hair after a shower, as the soap rinses off much more easily. You will also notice a reduction in bathtub scum. All existing scale will begin to soften and become easier to wipe off. Scale on faucets and showerheads will also begin to soften, and within a few months water pressure will increase in your pipes as the scale build-up drops away. Your hot water heater will also become more efficient. All of these benefits come without maintenance issues, moving parts, or filter and batteries to change.

Contact us today for more advice on how you can combat hard water in your home. We will guide you through the ScaleBlaster process and provide additional recommendations for softening your water. Let us know how we can help at (609) 655-1073.

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