Your Cranbury, NJ Area Hard Water is No Problem!

Hard water may be causing issues in your home that you didn’t even know about. Thankfully a water softener system from RA Nichols gives you:

  • Cleaner Water
  • Clearer Skin & Hair
  • Easier Cleaning
  • Longer Life Spans of Appliances

What Is Hard Water?

“Hard water” gets its name from the presence of minerals in the water, specifically magnesium and calcium. These minerals are picked up naturally as the water passes through layers of rock and soil underground.

Telltale signs of hard water in your system are:

  • “Soap scum” in the bathroom; these are the mineral films that build up on shower walls, doors and faucets and are difficult to remove.
  • Discoloration on shower curtains, indicating that a colony of bacteria is thriving in the residue that hard water has left behind.

Hard water even makes it tougher to clean yourself properly, as it bonds much more poorly with soap and shampoo.

But the real problems are in your pipes. Limescale can build up, causing:

  • Harmful corrosion for appliances (particularly water heaters)
  • Eventual pipe failure
  • Calcified showerheads and faucets, interfering with water flow

A water purifier or filtration system attached to a tap generally does nothing to combat the problems of hard water. These filtration systems are designed to kill bacteria and pathogens rather than eliminate minerals.

The level of water hardness is determined by your local water supply and thus largely beyond your control, necessitating a system installed in your home.

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It’s important to have a water filtration specialist at RA NIchols test your water to determine the most appropriate filtration approach for your home. Our technicians will also examine your pipes for signs of corrosion and damage. We have extensive experience installing water softening systems and can repair or replace existing units.

If you’re tired of slow-running faucets, spotty shower heads, hard to clean showers, streaky dishes or laundry stains, contact RA Nichols Plumbing & Heating for the most effective water softening solution for your home, call us at (609) 655-1073.